Wednesday, July 30, 2008

metal blox collection

Here is a metal blox collection I found in Yahoo Japan starting bid is 1000 yen. The set includes Leoblaze. Unenlagia, Mosaslage, Nightwise, Shellkarn and Flyscissor.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

hmm kotobukiya empire command wolf lc

Posting pics of HMM Empire Command Wolf LC from Kotobukiya's Website:

Friday, July 25, 2008

dark twinhorn and dark iguan from e-hobby

Here are some larger pictures of Dark Iguan and Dark Twinhorn from e-HOBBY.source: e-HOBBY

Thursday, July 24, 2008

zoids graphics #7 - sea panther box art

Here is the box art of Zoids Graphics #7 - Sea Panther posted at Yahoo Japan.Back cover.The content.
credits: Hiroki for posting at ZPH

dark wardick, dark twinhorn and dark iguan

Here is the next batch of dark zoids that will be release on August.

Dark Wardick will be released in C3X Hobby in the end of August at 2000 yen.Dark Twinhorn will be released in the Summer Wonder Festival early August at 1500 yen, and will also be available at e-HOBBY Shop Lucky Draw.Same thing goes with the Dark Iguan.
Credits: Dark Twinhorn and Dark Iguan
Dark Wardick

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

pz 101 power mammoth

The Power Mammoth was one of two "unreleased" Hasbro Power Zoids. Last 2006 some of these unreleased kits were sold throughout the UK.I like the design of the tusk for this kit. It is a distict feature of a mammothA closer look.Right side view.Left side view.To make the mechanism feature of the Power Mammoth work, you have to press down the tail. Before pressing..After pressing..
The trunk trust forward and the ears flaps backward.Because of the stiff joints, you can make the Power Mammoth stans on its hind legs..My Favorite shot :)
The Good:
The head design really resembles a mammoth.
Nice color scheme.
The rubber band gimmick
Stiff and steardt joint
A rare piece

The Bad:
The position of the trunk could be improve..
The body part lack armor
There is a tendency for the rubber bands to snap or melt.

Quattro's Rating: 9/10

hmm command wolf mk2 custom

Here is an HMM Command Wolf MK2 custom that is auctioned in Yahoo Japan. Starting bid was 20, 000 yen. The paint was superb and very clean, this is worth getting :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

obz - x04 - prototype sea panther

To complete the one blox series, that were released during Hobby Convention in Japan. The box art of Prototype Sea Panther. :)

obz - x03 - assault sea panther

Finally I was able to find a picture of this. The one blox Assault Sea Panther.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

hmm kotobukiya command wolf

Posting pics of HMM Command Wolf from Kotobukiya's Website:

the dark zoids army

These pictures were posted on Takara Tomy website. It stated that these kits are promotional materials only and not official kits to be released. The only existing kits in the army are Darkhorn and Deadboarder. But recently Dark Molga, Dark Gator and Dark Malder were released as limited edition kits in recent Wonder Festivals and e-HOBBY. The Latest news, next dark zoids to be release will be Dark Iguan and Dark Twinhorn. Dark Twinhorn is not shown in these pics, so we will still wait for some photos. I do hope that all of these Dark Army zoids will be released.From left to right.. Dark Iguan, Deadboarder(released), Dark Wardick and Dark Saicurtis.Dark Helcat, Dark Iron Kong and Dark Malder(released).Back Row: Dark Zatton, Dark Geruder and Dark Merda
Front Row: Dark Molga(released) and Dark Gator(released)Lastly, Dark Deathsaurer and Dark Horn(released)