Thursday, October 29, 2009

astroboy - jollibee kids meal

I already completed the Astroboy Hero Collection from Jollibee Kids Meal. The quality of plastic is good. The design of Astroboy is more of 80's version than the animated film. Gimmicks, not that good, my favorite is the Astro Beam Blaster, nice light up gimmick. Overall, I'll say that the Astroboy set is good.

repaint ransac

Saw this repaint version of Ransac at I do not own a Ransac yet, and I'am planning to get one, but when I saw this Red Baron colored version, plans change. Will wait for this version.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

senshi sangokuden - bb 307

revenge of the fallen - fearswoop

Fearswoop is a recolor of Dreadwing and Overcast. Fearswoop is included in the box set, Fury of Fearswoop, a Wal-mart exclusive. The box set includes legend class Mudflap and Skids. I really hope I can get this one to add in my flyer collection. For more picture of Fearswoop, click here.Source: Seibertron

happy meal hong kong - sanrio fun

happy meal kuwait

Saturday, October 24, 2009

custom mighty muggs - 7

by F1SHCUSTOMS of Mighty Muggs Forum.Spiderman Symbiote
by MaloMike of Mighty Muggs Forum.Gundam Kyrios
by B.A.L.D of Mighty Muggs Forum.Darkhawk 2.0
by chard5000 of Mighty Muggs Forum.Scarecrow
by Minion of Mighty Muggs Forum.

Friday, October 23, 2009

zoids poison customisation contest 2010

Zoids Customisation Contest 2010 will continue to adopt an Open-Theme for all entries. The contest will open from 1st November 2009 till 31 January 2010.

All entries must either be painted or customised to qualify for the contest. Submission of a photo of an original built zoid kit will not be accepted.

PRIZES - Possibly Cash Prizes via PAYPAL or vouchers from The Falcon Hangar; Quantum to be determined at a later stage

RULES - No limitation on the number of entries per contestants

- Entries must not be used in previous or other competitions. Any customised zoids that were showcased before must be modified "significantly" in order to be eligible for submission. For example: changing the entire coat of paint, developing a new setting for a diorama entry etc. Minor modifications such as placement of one or two weapon parts do not count. All other WIPs are eligible.

- All entries (photos) must be submitted to Zoidspoison to indicate submission before posting on other websites, including your own blogs. Contestants are allowed to post their customs elsewhere after their entries are uploaded on ZP. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE THE ENTRY HAS BEEN SUBMITTED TO ZP, IT WILL BE UPLOADED ON THE FORUM.

- Contestants may choose to submit their entries at a later stage if they do not wish to "showcase" their entries early. However, in such cases, contestants are not allowed to post their custom entries elsewhere.

- Contestants are to submit a minimum of 2 photos and maximum of 5 photos. Contestants can choose to provide a link for more photos of their customs. Artworks are allowed. With the exception of ONLY adjusting for lightning using photoshop, all other enhancements to photos are PROHIBITED.

- Although it is to your advantage if you wish to highlight your customs in your synopsis for judging, the submission of synopsis/ battlestory is not compulsory.

SUBMISSION - Submission of entry photos to Zoidspoison is all that is required. Overseas ZP members are most welcome to participate.
- Send your photos to
- Please state "ZP Custom Contest Entry" in your email

astroboy - jollibee kids meal

I was a little disappointed when I saw this. This means that the McDonald's Astroboy toys from the US, which are far better, will not be release here in the Philippines.

The Jolibee Astroboy set includes:

Astro Speed KickAstro Beam BlasterAstro Power ThrowAstro Lightning Punch

happy meal us - nerf / strawberry shortcake

happy meal us - nerf / strawberry shortcake

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the secret saturdays- wendy's kids meal

Here is the latest Wendy's Kids Meal, Cartoon Network's The Secret Saturdays.

bootleg shield liger and saber tiger

Saw these two bootles posted at Zoids Philippines by Sir android17.

Shiled Liger with starting bid of $5.99.Saber Fang with starting bid of $5.99.

Monday, October 19, 2009

hmm gun sniper at zoids corner

HMM Gun Sniper is now online at Zoids Corner. Click here for review and more pics.All pictures are property of Zoids Corner.

senshi sangokuden - bb 306

Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy meal us - my little pony

The other set of toys for Happy Meal US is from My Little Pony and Friends. if i'm not mistaken this set was already release here in the Philippines.Rainbow DashPinkie PieSweetie BelleCheerileeStar SongScootaloo

happy meal us - astro boy

Astro Boy is the new Happy Meal toy in the US. The release of the toys will be inline with the upcoming animated film Astro Boy.Astro Boy LauncherTrashcanAstro Boy PuncherPeacekeeperAstro Boy FlyingZog