Sunday, September 28, 2008

chrome blade hawk

Here is a Zoids Poison limited Chrome Blade Hawk. Said to be a custom prize contest in November.

hrz-001 king gojulas @ zoids corner

King Gojulas is now up at Zoids Corner. Comparison on the old and new model and some modification on the re-issue. Click here for more pictures and information.
All pictures are property of Zoids Corner.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ben 10 - mc donald's happy meal

When 10-year-old Ben Tennyson doscovers a mysterious device, he gains the power to change into 10 diffrent alien heroes.

From McDonald's Happy Meal, here are four of the aliens.

Diamondhead is a crystalline alien whose body is harder than diamond, making him invulnerable to most physical attacks and allowing him to cut and slash through almost anything. He can also use his body to reflect light and beam based weapons.Whenever Ben needs to smash, throw or beat up something, Fourarms is the hero at choices. Standing twelve feet tall, this formidable four-armed alien can use his tremendous strength to dish out the punishment, while his armored skin protects him from harm.A living machine with liquid metallic skin, Upgrade is a biomechanical alien that can merge with any mechanical device, from a blender to a bicycle to a satellite. While merged, he can "upgrade' the device into an incredible piece of Ultra-Tech far more advanced than any existing Earth technology.Heatblast comes from an alien race that lives on a sun rather than a planet. He can project bolts of fire from his hands and mouth and create fireballs he can throw or roll. He can also absorbs both flames and heat, meaning he can put out a fire just as quick as he can start one.
Info from: Ben 10 website

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hrz-001 king gojulas - out now in japan

The King is back. Nope not FPJ, but the King Gojulas is back in action. Finally the re-issue is now out in Japan. Just saw this at Yahoo Japan, starting bid 12, 600 yen. Another chance to own the holy grail of zoiding. I do hope they make the blue limited edition King G soon. :)

grz-002 gil vader - out now in japan

The much awaited re-issue of Gil Vader is now out in Japan. New cool box art. Got these pics at Yahoo Japan. and now auctioned. This particular auction I saw started at 8,400 yen. I really want to see this built kit side by side with a Gildragon.

zoids graphics #9 - hammerrock box art

Zoids Graphics #9 - Hammerrock is now out in Japan. Saw this at Yahoo Japan with 1,890 yen as starting bid.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

blade liger leon ver. - out now

HMM Blade Liger Leon Version is now out at Japan. Just saw this at Yahoo Japan.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

bb#307 kakouton giros

The Box Art.The Parts. At first, when i saw the color scheme, i said to myself that it's not a good combination for my taste. It's a little dull for me. But after I built the kit and applied the stickers, it was not bad after all.The built kit without the armor. I like the deatials they put on its head. The eye patch is really cool.The eye patch.The built kit with all armors on, plus it big sword.Here is Kakouton Giros' weapon, a huge sword that turns into a chain blade. Blade now....Chain Blade later. Here is the chain blade looks like when deployed.Some action poses and miscelleneous pics.
The Good:
The eye patch detail
The sword that turns into blade chain
The helmet looks wicked

The Bad:
Color scheme is not good for me, but it's acceptable
The pointy shoes

Quattro's Rating: 6/10

gravity cannon custom - auction

A custom Gravity CAnnon for Ulrasaurer found in Yahoo Japan

Saturday, September 20, 2008

zoids graphics #8 - puterasu

From Takara Tomy Website. This is the eighth kit under the Zoid Graphics Series, the much awaited re-issue of Puterasu.It includes the kit, the diorama base sprue and the magazine and will cost 1890 yen.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hmm saber tiger - schwartz

News from Kotobukiya. Next HMM Kit would be Saber Tiger - Schwartz. Said to be release January 2009. This is the personal Saber Tiger of Major Karl Lichen Schubaltz (Schwartz in the Japanese version).