Thursday, February 26, 2009

dechromed zoids

Here are some dechromed zoids I found at We are Zoiders boards in Korea.

hmm command wolf irvine to be release

Here is another version of the Command Wolf that Kotobukiya will going to release. This time it is Command Wolf Irvine.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bb#317 shusou doven wolf

The Box Art.The Parts.Built kit with no armor.The built kit with armor on.Here are some action pose with weapon set.

The Good:
The shade of the color green is nice
Weapons.. two blades and an ax that combines

The Bad:
Head gear color.. does not match with the overall green color scheme

Quattro's Rating: 6/10

hrz - 012 king liger - out now in japan

HRZ - 012 King Liger is out now in Japan. Saw this at Yahoo Japan with starting bid of 2,100 yen.

resin cas - auction

Spotted some Convention exclusive resin CAS for Liger Zero and Berserk Fuhrer.

For Liger Zero, starting bid 20,000 yen.For Berserk Fuhrer, starting bid 20,000 yen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

zoids philippines custom contest 2009

Open for all Zoids Philippines members

START: February 20, 2009
END: May 1, 2009

VOTING: May 4 - 8, 2009
1st place: Silver Chrome Deathsaurer
2nd place: Silver Chrome Redhorn
3rd place: Silver Chrome Molga

Custom theme: OPEN
1) Repaints alone will not be allowed
2) Kitbashes alone will not be allowed
3) Dioramas are allowed but are slightly discouraged in order to maintain focus on the custom kit itself
4) No entry limit.
5) Should not be posted in any online resource (blogs, forums, you get the point) until the judging has ended and winners announced.
6) Custom entries will be posted by the ZPH CONTEST MODS on voting date in the ZPH forum for everyone's discussion. Entries cannot be posted by the darther in online resources until the contest ends with all the winners announced.
1) Maximum number of 5 pictures
2) Maximum size is 800 x 600
3) Only 1 picture is allowed to be sumitted editted, the rest will be in their raw state.
4) Editted photos are those pictures that are enhance using picture editting tools
1) Entries should be submitted to with the title "Custom Entry" with the pictures as attachments. Take note of the rules on the contest pictures prior to submission of your entries.
2) Upon submission, your entry will be given a number which will be used to identify your custom (alongside its name) in the voting.
1) Each member will be allowed a maximum of 3 votes. You can only vote for an entry once. You can also vote for your entry.
2) Votes shall be emailed also to with the title "Custom Votes". Please indicate your ZPH FORUM NAME and the entry numbers/names of the entries you would be voting for.
3) Eligible voters are those forum members who have registered to ZPH forums ON OR BEFORE THE SECOND WEEK FOLLOWING THE START of the contest.
1) Will be held after the voting days.
2) Names of the darthers and voters will be revealed on the announcement of winners.
3) You can only win once. i.e. If you have 2 entries that got 2nd and 3rd place, you will only get the highest place possible for you, which is 2nd place. This is to avoid one person bagging all the prizes.
4) Overcease members will shoulder shipping.

Monday, February 23, 2009

zoids diskette

spectacular spiderman - mc donald's happy meal

Here is the latest McDonald's Happy Meal, Spectacular Spiderman toys. The set includes the following figures:

Spider-Man - Suction Cup
Original Spiderman with suction cupsVenom
Water squirting VenomSpider-Man - Crawling
Black Spiderman with Pull back-n-roll wheel gimmickThe Green Goblin
The Goblin with push wheel Spider-Man - Launcher
Web-launching SpidermanDoctor Octopus
Dr. Octopus with suction cupsThe Sandman
Sandman with mace-launching actionSpider-Man - Swinging
Pull-n-retract string action Black Spiderman

The plastic quality is very nice. There are nice gimmicks on each toy. Current favorite, Venom and Doc Oc. This set is worth to have. Still completing my MISP set :D

Thursday, February 19, 2009

beast wars transformers - jollibee kiddie meal

Group shot alternate modeOptimus PrimalThe figure is smaller than I expected. Plastic quality is poor. Transformation sucks. And it seems that I got a defective, look at his hands.

CheetorPoor plastic quality. Again, I got a defective one. The left foot is deformed and I can not make it stand on its own. Transformation poor.

MegatronThe best in the set. The size is much larger than the previous two. Transformation is still poor but better than the two.

Recomendation: Enjoy the food

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

chrome zoids flooded yahoo japan

Several chrome zoids are spotted in Yahoo Japan. Below are some of them.

Red Horn, starting at bid 10,000 yen.Iron Kong, starting bid at 50, 000.Deathsaurer, starting bid 50,000.Storm Sworder, starting bid 10, 000.Command Wolf, starting bid at 10, 000.