Wednesday, February 27, 2013

happy meal us - hexbug

Here is another first for Happy Meal US, if I remember correctly this the first time that Hexbug toyline is released as Happy Meal toys.
The set includes a total of six Hexbug to collect. There are three designs with two color scheme. Here is the complete set.
Beetle Orange
Bettle Black
Nano Pullback Blue
Nano Pullback Black
Speed Beetle Green
Speed Beetle Red

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

happy meal us - barbie pink shoes

This month's Happy Meal US features Barbie in her Pink Shoes. The set includes four Barbie dolls and four Barbie accesories.

Here is the complete set. If this set will be release in the Philippines, I think it will be the first time I'll be getting a Barbie set. Now that I have a daughter :)
Barbie as Odette
Barbie as Giselle
Rose Ballerina
Barbie as Kristyn Farraday
Barbie Tiara
Barbie Butterfly Bracelet
Barbie ID Tag
Barbie Rose Compact

Monday, February 25, 2013

jollibee kids meal - looney tunes show fun kit

Here is the latest Jollibee Kids Meal toys featuring Looney Tunes Show Fun Kit. A must have for Looney Tunes fan and a pass for me. The set includes three toys featuring Daffy Duck, Tweety and Bugs.

Daffy Wacky Cutter
3DAnimation Notebook
Tweety Push-a-Pen

Sunday, February 24, 2013

lego minifigure: ringmaster

“Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages, you will not believe your eyes!”
The Ringmaster loves being in the spotlight and running the show. He’s in charge of the entire circus, and he always makes sure to keep the tightropes tight, the sawdust fresh, the trapeze rings shiny and all the animals fed and happy.
To the Ringmaster, the best thing in the entire world is the sound of the audience cheering and clapping all around the big-top circus tent. That’s why he always does his very best to put on the most spectacular show possible – and to outdo the performance from the night before!

Lego Minifigure Series 2

Friday, February 22, 2013

happy meal philippines - spongebob squarepants

Another set of Spongebob Squarepants toys from McDonald's Happy Meal Philippines. What I like in this set is the additon of other characters. Unlike the previous set that all toys are SpongeBob figures.
SpongeBob Karate
SpongeBob Skateboard
Sandy Rocket Boat
Patrick Spinner
Squidward Tennis
SpongeBob Soccer
SpongeBob Basketball
Mr. Krabs Fencing

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

transformers botcon 2013 exclusive: deluxe class skywarp

Here is the BotCon 2013 exclusive Skywarp. It is a re-tooled and recolored Dirge from Transformers 2 NEST. The re-tooled head looks good, but a diffrent color could be better. Looking forward for more images of the actual kit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

lego minifigure: skier

“I’m going to make it this time!”
The enthusiastic Skier is constantly plunging off cliffs, crashing into trees, and performing accidental loop-the-loops through the air. He can’t help tackling any new downhill challenge that he comes across, even if his attempts don’t always end so well!
What everybody likes about the Skier is that he never, ever gives up. No matter how many times his skiing feats end in wild disaster, he always climbs right back up the mountain, straps on his skis, and tries his luck one more time. After all, the fifteenth time might just be the charm!

Lego Minifigure Series 2

transformers @ new york 2013 toyfair

If you are a regular follower of my blog, which I doubt if ther is someone, you are aware that I am only interested with Transformers with plane, jet or air craft as alternate mode. With the recent New York 2013 Toy Fair here are the newly announced Transformers (with plane, jet or air craft.)
Beast Hunter Commander Starscream
Beast Hunter Dreadwing
Beast Hunter Soundwave

Saturday, February 16, 2013

happy meal around the world - february

For the month of February, here are the toys featured in McDonald's Happy Meal around the world. I think there are only three set of toys circulating around the world by region. The Yahoo plushies, Toonix from Cartoon Network and the Ronald and Friends set.

Austria with Yahoo and Friends Plusch.
Brazil with Catoon Network's Toonix. This set is interesting reminds me of GoGo Crazy Bones.
Cyprus also have the Yahoo and Friends set.
Toonix set for Guatemala.
Here is the Asia set from Hong Kong, Ronald and Friends. Philippines, Indonesia and India also have this set.
Japan, as always have their own set. They are having Spongebob for this month.
Lastly, Hungary with Yahoo and Friends.