Thursday, December 30, 2010

burger king us - gulliver's travels

Travel writer Lemuel Gulliver takes an assignment in Bermuda, but ends up on the island of Liliput, where he towers over its tiny citizens.
I've seen  several version of this popular novel Jonathan Swift, from movies to animation and sometime used as theme in sitcoms. This year Jack Black is giving the old novel a new twist. Traveling as Gulliver, Jack Black will encounter the new citizens of Liliput. An inline with the release if the movie Burger King US Kids Meal toys comes from this spectacular movie. Toys that are based in movies are the ones that I really want to have and this set is a must have.

The set includes the following toys:

Gulliver's Travel Log - Keep notes on all of your adventures with your 20-page diary and blue ink pen decorated in glitter!
Knotfersail Steerin' Gulliver - Pull Gulliver's boat back and quickly release. Watch him zoom forward!
Roll "N bobble Gulliver - Push Gulliver along and watch his head bobble as he rolls ahead!
Edward's Robot Reveal - Place the robot shell around Edward. Push down on Edward's head and watch him burst free!
Lilliputan Basketball - Shoot some hoops by tapping Lilliputan's trigger. You can play from 3 different position on the court.
Blefuscian Armada Ship - Pull back the ship's sail o wind up motor and release. See the ship zoom forward and its sail rise high!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

hmm kotobukiya liger zero

Posting pics of HMM Liger Zero from Kotobukiya's Website.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy meal us - bakugan

Another set of Happy Meal toys for US features toys from the animated series Bakugan. The set includes eight designs of Bakugan toys, six are the regular Bakugans and two are Battle Gears. Battle Gears are weapons that can be attached on Bakugans. All designs comes in three different colors. The complete set will have a total of 18 Bakugan variants and 6 Battle Gear variants.

Here is a group shot of the eight different design for this Bakugan set.
Helix Dragon
Jetkor - Battle Gear
Swayther - Battel Gear

happy meal us - only hearts pets

Happy Meal US is now featuring these cute little plush animal toys called Only Hearts Pets. The toys are based from different types of animals with the same hugging pose. They also include a name card that they can hug.

Here is the group shot of Only Hearts Pets available, a total of 12 toys to collect.
Mama Dog
Papa Elephant
Mama Unicorn
Mama Cat
Mama Giraffe
Papa Panda
Mama Monkey
Papa Lion
Mama Bunny
Mama Tiger
Mama Penguin

Monday, December 20, 2010

burger king us - zhu zhu pets

When I was in highschool having a pet hamster is an "in" thing. I do not wanted one because all they do is eat and sleep. They say that these little critter are cute but for be they are just relative of mouse. We already have a lot of mouse in our house so I do not need one as a pet.

Now Burger King US Kids Meal toys features these cute little hamsters from Zhu Zhu pets and I really wanted to complete the set. As far as I can remember this is the most number of toys from Burger King Kids meal. A total of 16 toys to collect. There are four Hamster designs with four different variants.

Surfin' Zhu Zhu Pets - Clip your hamster onto its surfboard and insert into launcher. Press top of base to send your hamster surfin'!
On-the-Move Zhu Zhu Pets - Clip your hamster into its car and pull back to watch it fly forward. Or, your hamster can move on its own!
Round 'N' Round Zhu Zhu Pets - Wind up your hamster until it travels forward. Place your hamster into its wheel and watch it run in a circular path.
Snowboardin' Zhu Zhu Pets - Attach your hamster to its snowboard, wind its circular base counter-clockwiae, pull back and release. Watch your hamster charge ahead, spin and run backward.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

hmm kotobukiya blade liger mirage

Posting pics of HMM Blade Liger Mirage from Kotobukiya's Website.