Tuesday, September 17, 2013

lego minifigure: space villain

Are you a Space Villain? Take a quiz on Minifigures Quizzes page!

“There’s no villainy like space villainy!”

As a member of a shadowy criminal organization feared throughout the seven galaxies, the Space Villain really knows his outer space bad-guy stuff. He can hotwire a rocket neutron drive in zero-G, melt through solid plasmodic hypersteel with his nova-ray blaster, and sneak past a FuturonCorp security-bot in under 3.6 quarkoids, all while blindfolded.

Of course, full-time space villainy isn’t easy. Over the stellar cycles, the Space Villain has lost an eye in a warpship chase over Spyrius IV, misplaced a leg in the meteor mines of the Insectoid hivefleet, and he thinks his right arm might be somewhere at the other end of a black hole. Still, he wouldn’t give up his job for all the quasar rubies in the M-Tron Nebula...which just so happen to be the very next thing he’s planning to steal!

Lego Minifigure Series 3

spotted: beast hunters predacons rising

Spotted these Beast Hunters Predacons Rising figure at SM Rosario Toy Kingdom Express. This is the latest line of the on-going series Beast Hunters.

Deluxe Class Skylynx -  699.75 Php ($16.00)
Two-Pack Predaking and Optimus Prime - 1199.75 Php ($28.00)
Abominus - 1499.75 Php ($35.00)
Voyager Class Darksteel - 1499.75 Php ($35.00)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

spotted: disney infinity

Spotted these Disney Infinity at Toy Kingdom SM Mall of Asia. I'm not familiar with the actual game, but these Disney figures are so amazing! The details, the color and paint application is perfect! There is a starter set that includes Sully, Mr. Incredible and Jack Sparrow and the game console attachment the sells for around 3,000 Php ($68.00). I also saw some two packs from Cars and from Lone Ranger and Tonto, but forgot how much each. There are also singles pack that includes most of the characters from the poster the are sold at 649.75 ($15.00) each.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

happy meal australia - happy mix and match fun

Here is the latest Happy Meal down under. This set was already released in some parts of Europe few months back. I really envy this set and hoping this would be released here in the Philippines.
Stunt Driver
Scuba Diver

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

spotted: transformers generations 30th year bumblebee

Spotted this Bumblebee Transformers Generation 30th Anniversary IDW Deluxe Class at Toy Kingdom SM Mall of Asia. The first time I spotted this set in SM Bacoor, Bumlebee is not available. (See previous post). Sold at 699.75 Php ($16.00).

Sunday, September 8, 2013

spotted: zoids original mirage fox

Spotted these Zoids Original Mirage Fox at Toy Kingdom SM Bacoor. These were first seen in some Toy Town outlets and now they are also available in SM Malls. Only two per mall will be released said the Bankee representative. At SM Bacoor there are four, two in Toy Kingdom and two in Toy Express department store. These are sold at 1199.75 Php ($27.00).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

next on: happy meal us

Here is the next Happy Meal US toys featuring Batman and The Wizard of Oz. Both set are very good and said to be released on September 20, 2013.

takara tomy official page photo contest

The official Takara Tomy Website is having a Zoids Photo contest and here are the exclusive prizes. Full details here. (in Japanese)

Chrome Mirage Fox
Crystal Mirage Fox
Crystal HMM Godos
Crystal HMM Iguan
Ghost MSS Great Saber

spotted: how to train a dragon 2 figures and plush

Spotted these How to Train A Dragon 2 figures and plush toys at SM Bacoor Toy Kingdom. I'm sure these figures are also available in other SM Branches.

Meatlug at 299.75 Php ($7.00)
Toothless at 299.75 Php ($7.00)
Hiccup at 299.75 Php ($7.00)
Belch & Barf at 799.75 Php ($18.00)
Random Dragon Plushies.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

lego minifigure: gorilla suit guy

The Gorilla Suit Guy is a mystery. Who is he? Why is he wearing that suit? Does he think he’s an actual gorilla, or did he get lost on his way to a costume party? He certainly acts like the real thing, or at least like someone who’s watched a lot of old movies and TV shows and thinks that’s how a gorilla should act. And he sure is wild about bananas.
The Gorilla Suit Guy could turn up anywhere. In the park, at the beach, hanging out in a store window or jumping up and down on a trampoline, he tends to pop up in the most surprising and unlikely of places. And while he may not be a real gorilla, somehow no one ever wants to be the one to tell him that!
Lego Minifigure Series 3

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

jollibee kids meal - spongebob squarepants adventure kit

Here is the latest Jollibee Kids Meal toys featuring SpongeBob Squarepants Adventure Kit. The set is consist of three toys to collect. Patrick Night Light has an on/off button to switch on/off its light. SpongeBob Journal is a notebook with changeable SpongeBob face. Squidward Wobble-Head Pen is a highlighter pen, you can detach the lower tentacles to reveal the pen. This set is a really good set with two figures, the only let down is the SpongeBob Journal, hope they just created it as a figure also.

happy meal us - justice

Here is the other set of Happy Meal toys for McDonald's US featuring toys from Justice.
Fashion Designer Notebook
Mini Locker Clip
Magnetic Note Clips
Light Up Lantern
Panda Note Kit
Friendship Bracelets