Sunday, December 13, 2015

funko pop! heroes - batman v superman

This photo was posted in Hot Topic's site few days ago but is now taken down. Could be a pre-mature posting and tend to be posted when Batman v, Superman movie showing date is near. Let's wait for more details on this Aquaman Exclusive Pop and Pops that will be included in the Batman v. Superman line.

87 Pop! Heroes - Aquaman - Batman v. Superman - Hot Topic Exclusive

Thursday, December 10, 2015

funko pop! marvel - spider-man

Here is a photo of the upcoming Marvel Walgreens exclusive Iron Spider to be released early next year. The set of this exclusive will include Iron Spider, Green Goblin, Taskmaster, & a Glow in the Dark version of the Black Suit Spider-Man. 

101 Pop! Marvel - Spider-Man - Iron Spider Walgreens Exclusive
source: Funko Fanatics

funko pop! animation - tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is another addition to the growing Pop! Animation line. For the first set to be released on February 2016 it will include Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima.

61 Pop! Animation - Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki
62 Pop! Animation - Tokyo Ghoul - Touka Kirishima
source: Funko Fanatics

funko pop! animation - bleach

Correcting previous blog post that these Bleach Pops! are Hot Topic exclusives. The image in the previous post were actually the Hot Topic pre-release stickers and not exclusives. Release of these Pops! will be February 2016.

59 Pop! Animation - Bleach - Ichigo
60 Pop! Animation - Bleach - Rukia
source: Funko Fanatics

happy meal us - pokemon omega ruby alpha saphire

For this month's Happy Meal, McDonald's features Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Saphire.

happy meal us - build-a-bear workshop

For this month's Happy Meal, McDonald's features Build-a-Bear Workshop.