Friday, April 29, 2011

happy meal us - zoobles

Here is another set of Happy Meal from the US featuring the loveable Zoobles. Zoobles are like Bakugan but for girls. Instead of fighting monsters these are loveable pets. Each Zoobles comes in three color variants. Twenty four Zoobles to collect.

The complete set of McDonald's US Zooble Happy Meal.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

happy meal us - batman the brave and the bold

The latest offering of McDonald's Happy Meal US is a 24 piece set of action figures from Batman the Brave and the Bold. Three toys for each Happy Meal. I wonder what is the scale of this figures.

The complete set.
Batman, The Penguin and Batmobile
Two-Face, Firestorm and Solomon Grundy
Aquaman, Batman Robot and Black Manta
Batman, The Riddler and Plastic Man
Joker, Bat Mite and Jokermobile
Batman, Sportsmaster and The Flash
Batman, Gorilla Grodd and Robin
Gentleman Ghost, The Spectre and Haunted Coach

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

happy meal philippines - rio

Just posting the promotional poster of the latest Happy Meal Toys from the Philippines, which is also the same toys for almost all other McDonald's in the world, Rio.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

senshi sangokuden - bb 324

Monday, April 11, 2011

doraemon and totally spies - jollibee kids meal

Here are the new toys from Jollibee Kid's Meal featuring Doraemon Breaktime Buddy and Totally Spies Undercover Style.

Snack Time Surprise
TV Toon Time
3D Spy Shades
Write 'n Light Lipstick Pen

happy meal australia - rio

The Happy Meal set from Australia is pretty much the same as the release from the United States and the Philippines, except for the addition of these two characters making the Australian release a 10 piece set. Hope I could have this two in my collection.


Friday, April 1, 2011

happy meal us - rio

From the creators of the Ice Age series comes the new adventure packed animated movie of the year Rio. McDonald's Happy Meal is bringing the characters of this movie to the new set of toys they are offering.

The complete set of Rio Happy Meal toys.

burger king us - hop

From the animated movie Hop, comes the new set of toy for Burger King US this month.

Drummin' E.B. - Bop! Bop! Pull the string on E.B.'s back to activate moving arms and a fun "bopping" drum sound.
Egg Surprise Phil - Push down on Phil's head to dispense neat stickers out of his basket! Then, give them to your friends.
Easter Bunny Egg Flinger - Egg tossin' action! Pull back Bunny's arm and place one of six eggs into his paw. Then, pull down his tail to launch the egg far.
Easter Island Egg Dipper - Magic color revealed! Remove step and attach plastic egg. Fill the chamber with water and dip egg to watch color magically appear.
Egg Drop - Plug the egg into the launcher and twist to wind up! Then, press the chick's head down to release the egg and flap her wings.
Skatin' E.B. - 360 spin! push down E.B.'s head and skateboard to see him spin in a full circle.