Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy meal us - pokemon black & white

It seems that McDonald's Happy Meal is catching them all. After releasing Pokemon Black & White last June 2011, here is a follow-up set consisting of six new Pokemon figures.

Both sets did not reach the Philippines, Pokemon toys here are not as good as the US counter part.This year's set is better than last year's on my opinon. The character choice is great and the toys design and colors are very much accurate.

Here is the complete set of Pokemon Black & White for this years release.
Dewott - moves his arms and head but no other gimmicks. This figure looks good.
Servine - this figure looks great but do not have any features. It also have some balancing issues without the stand.
Pignite - this is my favorite character among the set. I might try looking for this guy at ebay.
 Pikachu - when there is Pokemon there is always Pikachu. Sculpt of the figure was great.
Woobat - a weird looking Pokemon for me. I'm guessing that this is an advance evolve form of the Zabat family. There is a button to make Woobat's wings to flap.
Axew - this is a very cure hybrid shark Pokemon.


khantotantra said...

it's sad that ph won't be having pokemon happy meal this year.

woobat is a new bat pokemon since its from a different region (continent) :D

kwattro said...

Actually last February's Happy Meal in the Philippines was Pokemon Black and White. :)

Maybe next year another set of Pokemon toys will be release here.

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