Wednesday, August 1, 2012

green lantern animated - jollibee kids meal

I saw these pictures at PTK posted by Sir Jasper. Luckily he allowed me to use these for azoidersworld. Here is the latest from Jollibee Kid's Meal featuring Green Lantern Animated. There are two toys for the set, Green Lantern figure and the Power Ring which double-up as the figure's stand.

The Green Lantern figure includes three constructs, a lantern, a shield and a hammer which can be attached to Green Lantern's right arm.
Quoted from Jasper:
The GL Power Ring lights up with red lights. It comes with insertable transparent designs that you could insert on the ring and see the constructs formed by the light. The design construct's images are a Green Lantern text, a GL ship, A GL Lantern, and a shield.


Action Figure Planet said...

Been a frequent visitor in your blog when looking for updates on meal toys :)

kwattro said...

thank you sir for allowing me to use your photos. :)

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