Saturday, February 2, 2013

burger king us - discovery kids

Burger King US is featuring toys from Discovery Kids.

Swipe N' Go X-48B - Connect the X-48B Spacecraft into Mission Control Base. Swipe the K.E.Y. Card through the base station to launch the X-48B to it's next mission
Robonaut Mobile Upgrade - Explore the universe in Rover Mode, or swipe the K.E.Y. Card through his backpack to transform Robonaut into Android mode. The Robonaut Mobile is fully equipped with upgrades for any intergalactic terrain!
Orion Zero-G Astronaut - Slide the K.E.Y. Card through the Orion Module to open hatch. Discover a zero-gravity world by shaking the capsule to see the astronaut floating inside! Slide the hatch closed to continue space travel.
Mars Rover Red Planet Reveal - Steer the Mars Rover onto a flat planetary surface. Insert the K.E.Y. Card into the back of the Rover to release the Red Reveal Lens. Trek over reveal cards to discover hidden planets!
Kepler Space Explorer - Wind up the space station to prepare the Kepler Explorer for takeoff. Swipe the K.E.Y. Card through base station to launch the glow in the dark Kepler disc into the Galaxy!
Launch Center Rocket Discs - Place all six rocket disks into Space Launcher. Swipe the K.E.Y. Card to activate blastoff! each Rocket disc contains pictures and mission facts about the famous rockets that also left the atmosphere.


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