Sunday, June 9, 2013

acquisitions: june week 1

Finally, after a month, new acquisitions!!!

Monsters University Scare Pairs. I got the Sully and Mike pair just to make sure that we already have the lead roles. I'm very happy with this acquisition.
KooKoo Birds Blind Bags Series 2. Two more KooKoo birds for me, this time this is from series two. I already have six KooKoo birds and luckily no doubles.
Here are the two I got this week.
UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals). Got me another two of these. This is very worth it for 20 Php, the figures looks good and designs are out of this world (in a good way).
And here they are, a fish type and spider type UMA. I was not able identify their names from the catalogue since everything is written in Japanese.
So I decided just to give them random names. :)
Blowsmile. A fish type UMA that always gives you a smile under water.
Spidazzler. A spider type UMA with six legs, it has a pair of hypnosis eyes that makes anything dazzled when they look straight on it.


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