Tuesday, August 6, 2013

burger king us - beyblade

Burger King US features the battling spinners Beyblade for this month's BK Crown. A total of four Beyblade toys to collect.
Gingka's Pegasus Beyracer - Stand out in the stadium with Gingka's Pegasus Beyracer. Wind up and watch the blue Bayracer spin its way into battle.
Kyoya's Leone Beyracer - Heat up the battle with Kyoya's Leone Bayracer. Wind up and watch the green Beyracer spin as it goes.
Ryuga Stadium - Spinning tops battle fiercely in the blue Ryuga Stadium. Choose from two different colored tops and let the best battler win.
Gingka Stadium - Challenge any friend to battle in the red Gingka Stadium. Pick your color and start the competition, with two included Spinning Tops.


SKi said...

Thank you for posting this! My daughter brought home the Gingka's Pegasus Beyracer from her school treasure box today and we were debating on what it was! :)

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