Saturday, October 26, 2013

happy meal philippines - doraemon

McDonald's Philippines once again brings Doraemon for this month's Happy Meal. The set looks promising and I'm very happy it includes Doraemon character figures. I was able to secure Air Cannon Doraemon and Sticker Dispenser Doraemon the first week this set hit the stores. These are the only toys I want in the set. Other than the toys, I was also excited to see the Happy Meal box that was re-released last month, but to my disappointment this month's box is the same as last month. It seems that these Happy Meal boxes is somehow generic and only have one design. Really hoping to see those themed base Happy Meal box again. Maybe on the next set of toys.
Doraemon's Bag
Air Cannon
Sticker Dispenser
Light Up Bell
Wrist Takecopter
Talking Dokodemo Door


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