Sunday, April 13, 2014

featured zoids custom: giga titanus

Custom Name: Giga Titanus
Customizers: a group of talented darths from the Philippines headed by Daniel and Ped of Zoids Philippines

Information: Giga Titanus is a giant Zoid that is mainly composed of dead Zoids part. Some said that this Zoid rises in different forms every one hundred thousand Zoidian years. Giga Titanus is a very powerful Zoid core that summon fallen zoids and use their part as his final form. Last seen as this gigantic Tyrannosaur type Zoid and wreak havoc in Planet Zi many years ago. How this Zoid was defeated was unknown, but one thing is for sure. Giga Titanus will return after a hundred years.
Giga Titanus is a commissioned work by Philippine’s Zoids distributor Bankee way back 2005 for the Zoids Evolution contest. Headed by Darth Daniel and Ped, they gather scraps and scraps of Zoids from Bankee’s warehouse to build this largest Zoid custom to date.


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