Thursday, May 29, 2014

featured zoids custom: gaunt raider

Custom Name: Gaunt Raider
Customizer: Firehorse of Zoids Philippines

Information: Gaunt Raider is a new breed of Attack Zoid that was developed by the Republic for the purpose of rebuilding Planet Zi. At first, Gaunt Raider were used in transferring cargos and construction materials. After mass producing these Zoids and installing laser canons, these Zoids become the main ground defense by the Republic against rouge and wild Zoids. A swarm of ten to fifteen units work together to disable wild Zoids. Against piloted Zoids, Gaunt Raider are no much because of the vulnerability of the pilots.

Gaunt Raider is one of the build-from-scratch custom of Sir Firehorse. What I personally like with this custom is the possibility of disassembly of parts and the possibility of mass-producing this. It is also seldom we see ant Zoids.


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