Sunday, April 28, 2013

happy meal philippines - barbie in the pink shoes

Barbie in the Pink Shoes is this month's Happy Meal Philippines toys for girls. These toys are based on the most recent Barbie movie The Pink Shoes
Dance your way to a magical adventure with Barbie as Kristyn, a ballerina with big dreams! When she tries on a pair of sparkling pink shoes, she and her best friend, Hailey, are whisked away to a fantastical ballet world. There, Kristyn discovers she must dance in her favorite ballets in order to defeat an evil Snow Queen. With performances to the legendary Giselle and Swan Lake ballets, it's a wonderful journey where if you dance with your heart, dreams come true!
We already have the two Barbie figures for my daughter, and I can say that these dolls are very well made for a fast food toys. The quality is somehow almost the same as the real Barbie toys, only in small scale. 
Barbie as Odette
Barbie as Kristyn Farraday
Barbie Rose Compact
Barbie Butterfly Bracelet


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