Monday, July 18, 2011

photo of the day: vc dotm shockwave

After a week of Marvel figures featured in Photo of the Day, I decided to do some Transformers this week.

To start things up, here is a photo of Transformers 3 Shockwave. I recently watched Transformers 3 and became an instant fan of Shockwave. I already saw the movie figure of Shockwave and I really wanted to get one.

I searched reviews of Shockwave's figure at Cybertron Philippines and luckily found a review from Sir Zephon. When I saw this picture, I asked permission to post this image. For more pictures and complete review you can visit this link.
Photograph by: Zephon
Title: VC DOTM Shockwave

Short Description: Last picture in the cybertron philippines review of DOTM Voyager Class Shockwave

Toy Model Used: Voyager Class Dark of the Moon Shockwave